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Our expertise in understanding and working on both Hardware and Software helps us build products which are intuitive and ready to implement.

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Instrument Tracking Simplified

We have built MARKER to digitalize the CSSD Department, be it Instrument Tracking or Sterilization Management. Our value proposition is based on Return on Investment (ROI), Patient Safety & Lean Management. It is a powerful and easy to use software designed for the hospitals highly competitive CSSD.

Magic Desk

Revitalize your internal communications strategy

Enhance internal employee communications with instant updates on news stories, image galleries, videos, presentations, documents and more - even for those without company email. MagicDesk provides Multi-Platform Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) and Desktop Apps (Windows, Mac Os X & Linux) to share & receive contents with your team members.

Sky Bird

Quickly find Equipment, People and other resources

The ability to quickly locate equipment, people and staff is important to your mission of delivering quality service. By providing you with real-time visibility into the current location of mobile equipment and staff, it enables you to spend less time searching and more time delivering service.

Q Max

Arrival and Queue Management Option

Our systems also help promote and cross-sell additional services and products, and our media solutions allow you to inform and entertain your customers while they re waiting for service. And because we've installed more than 50 systems in financial institutions across India, we can demonstrate that the numbers all add up. From improved revenue and increased staff efficiency to increased profitability and better customer retention, Q-MAX can help you enhance your bottom line when it comes to customer service.


Time to Collaborate

An Enterprise Collaboration tool designed for environments which are stressful to help the staff deliver and improve efficiency, designed with a focus on Hospitality industry can be used in various other industries.

Opinion Panda

Catch the Pulse of your Customer

Improvising your services or product features happens to drive the growth of any organization, our Survey Management Software helps you analyze what your customer feels about your services or product offered.

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