Marker Product

Surgical Instrument
Tracking Solution

Digitizing CSSD

We have built MARKER to digitalize the CSSD Department, be it Instrument Tracking or Sterilization Management. Our value proposition is based on Return on Investment (ROI), Patient Safety & Lean Management. It is a powerful and easy to use software designed for the hospitals highly competitive CSSD.


The features and functionalities of MARKER provide you with all of the tools you need to prevent infection, operate efficiently and provide exemplary patient care.

  • User friendly, web based interface
    Easy identification and location of instrument set inventory
  • Automated tool for managing instruments
    Produce detailed reports of instrument order
  • Avoiding Missing Of Instruments by tracking
    Paperless system allows for easy modification of count sheets
  • Turnkey System
    Software ran in a stand-alone and multi-user network environment
  • Provide Critical CSSD Management Tools
    Make informed purchasing decisions with an accurate record of inventory
  • Training Tool
    Shorter training time for new technicians


Improve resource management and productivity in your CSSD department.

  • Patient Safety
    Increased time allocated for patient care in the operating room.
  • Lean Management
    Dramatically Improved staff productivity
  • Return Of Investment
    Reduction in surgical instruments inventory up to 15-20%.
  • HL7 & NABH Compliance
    Regular validation tests for sterilization carried out and documented.

How It Works ?

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