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Let Your Customers
Book Their Priority

Q - Max

Our product Q-max is one of the best queuing solutions that can help you streamline the
customer flow in the organization and eliminates some of the procedures involved in the
conventional method of managing the queue.


Banks, Pharmacy, Health care etc are having the highest amount of customer flow in the Retail Industry

  • Scheduler
  • Mobile APP (For Doctors)
  • Analytics
  • Checkin Displays
  • Queue Manager
  • RealTime Alerts (SMS/Email)
  • Feedback
  • Multiple "Q" Configuration

How Q - Max Works ?

Also, Q-max Analytics helps you in Dashboard Monitoring and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
Reporting. You can analyze the Number of customers queuing up per service, customer´s
average and longest waiting time and serving time. Using the Analytics the back office staff and
relevant management can monitor the quality of the Customer Flow Management.

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